Women From the Class of 1934

    This page was made and the information on it was researched for a history class at Dickinson College.  I chose the women of the senior class as my topic because I was interested in a woman's point of view at this time, they were the class that I chose.  The names listed below are women that graduated in 1934.  Each biography contains a picture with the clubs they were in and written below is a brief paragraph explaining who they were and what they did after they graduated.  If you are doing research on this same topic or are using this page for help,  I have a credits page where I found my information.
Allen, Hazelle Myra
Baker, Helen Margaret
Bastress, Jeanette Okeson
Betts,  Mary Eleanor
Billow, Elizabeth Ann
Brown, Frieda Elaine
Davis, Margaret Scouller
Dunkin, Kathryn Mae
Eppler, Helen Messner
Formad, Marie Martin
Hess, Stella Elizabeth
Hibbs, Elizabeth Wenger
Jacobs, Mary Lee
Jumper, Geneva Mary
Kerns, Marion Audrey
LaBar, Wilhelmina Annette
Loder, Martha Katherine
Lynch, Bertha Emma
McConnell, Priscilla Kathryn
Meredith, Christina Brunyate
Morris, Ann Fredericka
Mosser, Mary Catherine
Peters, Eleanor Fell
Pyles, Elizabeth, Martin
Rowe, Sarah Lutitia
Royer, Blanche Ruth
Rynk, Barbara Janice
Severino, Leonora
Sharp, Ruth Reece
Wentzel, Emma Kathryn
Young, Charlotte Florinda

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