Hazelle Myra Allen
Hometown: North Mehoopany, Pa
Bachelor of Arts
Harmon Literary Society 1,2
Greek Club 1,2   Dramatic Club 3
Dickinsonian 3,4
Women's Student Senate 4
International Relations Club 2,3 Glee Club 1
Basketball 1 Microcosm 3

     Hazelle Allen was born in North Mehoopany Pa. on May 21, 1912.  Her parents were Howard Augustus Allen and Essie Myra Comslick.  She was raised as a Methodist in North Mehoopany.  After she graduated from Mehoopany & Tunkhanmok High School she continued her education at Dickinson College.  She graduated from Dickinson in 1934 at the age of twenty years old.  She was qualified to teach English Literature, Public Speaking, Rhetoric, French, Social Studies, Greek, and Journalism.  She was also able to coach baseball and basketball.  She later married Foster R. Brooks.