Christina Brunyate Meredith
Hometown: Carlisle, Pa
Bachelor of Arts
Pi Beta Phi
Greek Club 1,2,3
Class Historian 1   Wheel and Chain
International Relations Club 2,3
Program Committee 2
Harmon Literary Society 1,2
Soph. Social Committee
Beauty 1,3  Archery 1,2,3,4
Handbook Staff 2  Microcosm Editing Staff 3

        Christina Meredith was born in Narbeth, Pa on November 23,1913.  Her parents names were Arthur John Meredith and Josephine Kenyon Brunyate who was also Dean of the Woman at the time her daughter attended College.  She attended Carlisle High School and upon graduation she matriculated to Dickinson College were she earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1934.  While in college she also became a member of the Phi Beta Kappa fraternity.  During her time at Dickinson she made a strong friendship with a classmate of hers named Priscilla McConnell.  She later married Carl Swensson Vestling and began work in Library services.