When I began this project I fell onto many difficulties on where to look for my information and how to get attain it after I knew what I needed.  This page consists of the things I used to aid me so that others will not have to start fresh.  I hope that it is resourceful.

1.  The 1934 and 1933 Microcosms gave the following information:
            -Greek or non-Greek
            -Clubs the girls were associated in

2.  Residential life information which can be found in large volumes in the Dickinson Archives.

3.  The archives also has drop files for the following girls:  Hazelle Allen, Elinor Betts, Elizabeth Billow, Frieda Brown, Helen Eppler, Mary Jacobs, Geneva Jumper, Marion Kerns, Katherine Loder, Bertha Lynch,  Christina Meredith, Ann Morris, Mary Mosser, Eleanor Peters, Elizabeth Pyles, Sarah Rowe, Ruth Royer, Barbara Rynk, and Ruth Sharp.

4.  Student Teaching files were found in the archives on several of the girls.

5.  Living Alumni Books from 1964 and 1998 were also used

6.  From fellow classmates