Personal Thoughts and Findings
                 After speaking with Mrs. Betty James, a female member from the class of 1935 I learned that the women were treated fairly in the school.  The men were not thought of as better or higher in any way which greatly surprised me because of the time.  She also explained to me that the girls that lives on campus lived in Metzger Hall and that there was also a room in Denny called the "local room" that the day student girls used to play bridge and other games.  The women who lived on campus also had curfews, the older the girl the later that she could stay out.  For example, a freshman could stay out until nine but a senior could be out until 11.  Today this type of thing would be unheard of but the fact that it existed is pretty neat, I think at least.
                After graduation the majority of the girls became housewives and little is known about them after they left the College.  There was one women, however, that kept in touch with the school and actually donated some of her papers to the school in her will.  Her name was Sarah Rowe, she is no longer with us but there is more information about her than any other woman.
                There were also other trends that I noticed.  The majority of the girls earned the same degree, twenty-five out of thirty-one girls graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree.  There were very few girls that had no affiliation with a sorority either, six girls fell into this category.  The majority of the class married after college and few were ever divorced.  Although these things were not uncommon then today they seem rather odd.