Elizabeth Wenger Hibbs
Hometown:  Cresson, Pa
Bachelor of Arts
Chi Omega
Microcosm 3
Dickinsonian 2,3,4
Hornbook 3  German Club 3
Athletic Council 2,3,4 Sec-Treas 2
Basketball 1,2,3  Swimming 1,2,3
Glee Club 1,2,3,4
International Relations Club 2,3
Harmon Literary Society 2,3

        Elizabeth Hibbs was born in Cresson, Pa on March 27, 1915.  Her parents names were William Lloyd Hibbs and her deceased mothers names was Bertha E. Wenger.  She was affiliated with the Presbyterian Church.  She attended Cresson High School and upon graduation came to Dickinson College.  She was active in the Chi Omega sorority, Phi Beta Kappa fraternity and other clubs.  She graduated in 1934 and later married Richard Crankshaw III.