Geneva Mary Jumper
Hometown:  Carlisle, Pa
Bachelor of Arts
Harmon Literary Society 1,3
Archery 1,2,3
Basketball 1

        Geneva Jumper was born in Carlisle, Pa on September 7,1913.  Her parents names were David Edward Jumper and Myrtle May Richwine.  She was affiliated with the Church of God.  After graduating from Carlisle High School she matriculated to Dickinson College were she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1934.  Upon graduation she was eligible to teach English Literature and Rhetoric, Instrumental and Orchestral Music, French, and Latin.  She could also coach Archery and Basketball.  In 1934 Jumper stood 5'6"  and weighed 128 lbs at the age of twenty years old.  She later married George Finkey and took on a job as a publisher.