Faculty of 1934
    Below is a list of the faculty members during the 1933-1934 school year. Click on a person to read their involvement with Dickinson College during this year. Most of the biographies end with the year 1934. Some, however, are full length biographies and are designated by the "Full biography" at the end of the entry.
Frank Ayres, Jr.
Arthur Vaughan Bishop
Robert L. Brunhouse
Clarence Johnson Carver
Esther Winifred Chapman
Forrest Eugene Craver
Paul Herbert Doney
Milton Walker Eddy
Cornelius Winfield Fink
Albert Horwell Gerberich
John C. Grimm
Elmer Charles Herber
Roy R. Kuebler, Jr.
William Weidman Landis
Richard Henry MacAndrews
Josephine Brunyate Meredith
Joseph H. McCormick
Bradford Oliver McIntire
Isabella Thoburn McMaster
May Morris
Wilbur Harrington Norcross
Wellington Amos Parlin
Gaylord Hawkins Patterson
Cornelius William Prettyman
Leon Cushing Prince
Chester Warren Quimby
Horace Elton Rogers
Lewis Guy Rohrbaugh
Ralph Schecter
Montgomery Porter Sellers
George Robert Stephens
William Stuart Stephens
Mulford Stough
Henry Bryon Suter
Mary Buckley Taintor
C. R. Walter Thomas
Russel Irvin Thompson
Ernest Albert Vuilleumier
Francis A. Waterhouse
Herbert Wing, Jr.

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-Cynthia L. Mackey '03
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