William Weidman Landis
Susan Powers Hoffman Professor of Mathematics and Dean of the Sophomore Class
Education and Career
 Ph.D., Dickinson College, 1891; A.M., Dickinson College, 1894; Student of Mathematics, Physics, and Astronomy, and Student Assistant in Mathematics, Johns Hopkins University, 1891-1894; Professor of Mathematics, Thiel College, 1895; Professor of Astronomy and Mathematics, Dickinson College, 1895; Sc. D., Franklin and Marshall College, 1906;  on leave of absence from Dickinson College, 1918-1919 to serve in World War I.

Member of the American Mathematical Society; Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science; Member of the Circolo Mathematico di Palerno; Member of the Society Belge d'Astronomie; member of Phi Delta Theta and Phi Beta Kappa

Third Italian Army in charge of the Y. M. C. A. work in Istria; awarded Italian War Cross and Cross of the Third Army; Cavaliere della Corona d'Italia; Major (honorary) in the Italian Army;

Involvement with Dickinson College
He joined Dickinson College in 1895 and taught until 1942.Landis was the Susan Powers Hoffman Professor of Mathematics. During this time he taught mathematics and history of art1 . During the 1933-1934 school year at Dickinson College, Landis's office was located in room 109 Denny Hall2 . James Henry Morgan, President of the College, states that "he[Landis] was making himself felt in the cultural life of college"3.



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