Bradford Oliver McIntire
Professor of Emeritus of English Literature
A. B., Wesleyan University, 1883; A.M., Wesleyan University, 1886; Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, 1896; Professor of English and History, Maine Wesleyan Seminary and Female College, Kent's Hill, Maine, 1883-90.

While a student at Weslyan University, McIntire was a brother of Psi Ipsilon and a member of Phi Beta Kappa, an honor society. Lay Delegate, General Conference Methodist Episcopal Church, Los Angeles, California, 1904.

Involvement with Dickinson College
McIntire joined the Dickinson faculty in 1890 as a Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature. In 1904 he became a Professor of English.  He was an advisor and the Vice President of Phi Beta Kappa during the 1933-1934 school year. McIntire held the Thomas Beaver Professor chair while teaching at Dickinson. He started the Library Guild in 1903 which was an organization used to collect money from Dickinson College alumni to purchase library books for the college1. The McIntire Literary Society, founded in 1912 in honor of McIntire was a literary society comprised of women2. Upon his retirement in 1929, McIntire was given the position of Professor Emeritus of English Literature.


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