Wellington Amos Parlin
Associate Professor of Physics
Education and Career
A.B., Simpson College, 1921; M.S., University of Iowa, 1922; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1929; Graduate Student, University of Iowa, 1921-22; Instructor of Physics, Emory University, 1923-26; Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins University, 1926-29.

Member of the American Physical Society and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

Author of "The Effect of Temperature on the Absorption Bands of Fused Quartz in the Infra-Red," "The Forces and Torques on Cylindrical Coils Carrying Alternating Currents of Radio Frequency," and "A Ratiometer"

Invented the Ratiometer and the Refractometer

Involvement with Dickinson College
Parlin joined the Dickinson faculty in 1930 as an Associate Professor of Physics. During the 1934-1933 school year he taught four classes in Physics1. In addition to teaching, Parlin was the faculty advisor to the Mohler Scientific Club and the Phi Beta Kappa honorary society.

Full Biography


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