Elmer Charles Herber
Instructor in Biology
Education and Career
A.B., Ursinus College, 1925; A.M., University of Pennsylvania, 1929; Head of Science Department, Palmerton, Pennsylvania, High School, 1925; Graduate Student, University of Pennsylvania, 1926-29; Instructor in Zoology, University of Pennsylvania, 1927-29; Student at Marine Biological Laboratory, Woodshole, Massachusetts, Summer, 1928; Member of Staff, Bureau of Entomology, Division of Truck Insect Investigation, Summers of 1927 and 1929; Student, Cold Spring Harbor Experimental Station, Long Island, N.Y., Summer of 1931.

Fellow of American Association for the Advancement of Science and the Pennsylvania Academy of Science.

Involvement with Dickinson College
Herber joined the Dickinson faculty in 1929, as an Instructor in Biology. In addition to teaching he was an advisor to the Mohler Scientific Club. During the 1933-1934 school year, his office was located room 11 of Denny Hall1.


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