Phi Beta Kappa

                    Phi Beta Kappa is a co-ed fraternity and was founded in 1776 and the Alpha chapter was established on Dickinson's campus in 1887. New members were chosen by a membership committee and chosen for their "individual student, as opposed to the easy method of depending upon course grades alone." Formal meetings as well as informal meetings were held throughout the year. Four formal meetings were required within the year: one for Phi Beta Kappa business, one for the anniversary of the societies founding, one for the election of new members, and one to initiate the new members. The informal meetings were held primarily for discussions on any and all issues that the secretary felt pertinent to discuss. Scholarship was also stressed in Phi Beta Kappa and a committee was formed yearly to find ways to promote it. In 1934 it was run by three faculty advisors. They held the Presidential, VP, and Treasurer positions. Edgar Heckman was president, Bradford McIntire was VP, and Forrest Craver was Treasurer. The active members in 1934 were Helen Baker, Edgar Beers, M. Elinor Betts, Elizabeth Billow, Frieda Brown, Kathryn Dunkin, Earl Handler, Elizabeth Hibbs, Katherine Loder, William Woodward, Bertha Lynch, Millard Ullman, Christina Meredith, Ralph Thompson, Ruth Royer.

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Dickinson 1934 is a project of Prof. Osborne's History 204 Class, Fall Semester 2000.