1934 Sports Introduction

    Sports in 1934 were popular with the seniors down to the freshmen, many played competitive sports at the varsity level while almost everyone else played intramurals.  There had been great anticipation for all sports in the year of 1934 because there were so many special athletes returning from a successful sports campaign in 1933.  The athletic scene had undergone great expansion up to the 1934 season not only from the great participation of the athletes but also from the great support of the Dickinson fans.  Dickinson athletics now included nine male sports including:  Football, Freshman Football, Soccer, Basketball, Freshman Basketball, Baseball, Track, Cross Country, and Tennis.  Women's sports were also becoming more popular with the Dickinson student body, and even though they were limited to an intramural format pitting grade against grade they now had five successful sports including:  Riding, Hockey, Basketball, Swimming, and Archery.
    Athletics saw some controversey in the Spring of 1934, when President Morgan threatened to withdraw his school from the ECAC and start his own conference unless the problems with the scholarships were ironed out.  Dr. Morgan had sufficient evidence to believe that the rule of being able to award 15 scholarships was being violated.
    Also, at Dickinson an athlete board had been created to authorize all expenditures of all athletic funds and all financial athletic obligations.  The board also recommended the dismissal when necessary of all coaches and assistant coaches and fixed their salaries.  The members were  President Morgan  and the Treasurer of the college, the Dean of the Law School, Professor Prettyman and Professor Norcross of the faculty, Raphael S. Hays and J. Boyd Landis of the Alumni, and the eighth member of the board had been elected from the senior class.
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