1934 Women's Basketball

    The juniors also came out on top of the basketball tournament by virtue of having the best first and second team squads.  In the basketball tournament overall points were scored by the first and second teams.  The seniors might have won the championship in 34' if it had not been for the lack of a second team.
    Basketball attracted many candidates for both the first and second teams during that winter which made all of the games hard fought and not at all one-sided.  High scorer for the season had been  Betty Hibbs  of the senior team who rolled up 100 points in five games.  Second high scorer had been Eleanor Waugh of the junior team.  After all of the great play in that year, there had been much talk of how Dickinson would have undoubtedly put a strong team into the intercollegiate contests.

Photo courtesy of 1934 Dickinson Microcosm in the Dickinson College Archives

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