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 - RLM -
Dickinson College Class of 1947
World War II B17G Bomber Pilot (1943-1945)
Captain, U.S. Army Air Corps

"The Kid"
2nd Lieutenant Ralph L. Minker Jr.
38 combat missions
8th Army Air Force, 447th Bomb Group, 709th Squadron

- Meet Ralph L. Minker Jr.....a brief biography of the man himself
- Timeline ....a chronology of key events during RLM's training and combat in World War II
- Letters  ....notable excerpts from the letters that RLM wrote to his family in Wilmington, DE
- Blue Hen Chick ...the plane and the crew with which RLM flew
- Mission List  ....the dates and targets of RLM's 38 combat missions in World War II
- Mission Timeline  ....the routine of a pilot on the day of a bombing mission
- Dickinson College  ....RLM's college in the midst of World War II
- Oral History*  ....complete transcript of a 26 February 2000 interview with RLM

              * (includes media clips) *
- The "Good" Pilot for the "Good" War
                        ....an undergraduate history paper on RLM

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