...meet the crew of the
Blue Hen Chick

Pilot - Ralph. L. Minker Jr. (Wilmington, DE)
Co-Pilot - Gordon B. Dodge (Duluth, MN)
Navigator - Wesley Pitts (Camden, SC)
Bombadier - John Rosiala Jr. (Sharon, PA)
 Engineer & Crew Chief - James Shannon (Brooklyn, NY)
Radio Operator - Olaf Larsen (Pittsburgh, PA)
Ball Gunner - Max Shephard (Mesa, AZ)
Tail Gunner - Joe Trambley (Mora, NM)
Armorer - Harold McKay (Tiger, GA)

Blue Hen Chick (B-17G) specifications:

            Four Wright R-1820-97 Cyclone radials with general Electric B-22 turbosuperchargers, each rated at 1200 hp
            for takeoff and 1000 hp at 25,000 feet, with a war emergency power of 1380 hp at 26,700 feet.
            Maximum speed 263 mph at 25,000 feet, 300 mph at 30,000 feet (war emergency). Cruising speed 150
            mph at 25,000 feet. Landing speed 90 mph. Initial climb rate 900 feet per minute. An altitude of 20,000 feet
            could be attained in 37 minutes. Service ceiling 35,000 feet. Range 1850 miles with 4000 pounds of bombs at
            25,000 feet with 2810 gallons of fuel.
            Wingspan 103 feet 9 3/8 inches, length 74 feet 9 inches, height 19 feet 1 inch, wing area 1420 square feet.
            32,720 pounds empty, 55,000 pounds normal loaded, 72,000 pounds maximum. Normal fuel load was 2520
            US gallons, but extra fuel tanks could be installed which raised total fuel capacity to 3612 US gallons.
            Specified defensive armament was as follows: thirteen 0.5-inch Browning machine guns in chin, nose, dorsal,
            center-fuselage, ventral, waist and tail positions. Maximum short-range bombload was 17,600 pounds.

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Ralph L. Minker Jr.