life at
Dickinson College

for Ralph L. Minker Jr.

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Dickinson Enrollment:
1938-39:  586 students
1942-1943:  494 students
1943-44:  250 students
March 1946:  518 students
(Source:  Dickinson College Bulletin)


Ralph with some fellow freshmen comrades.

Ralph and the Dickinson Debate Club / Team, 1942

Ralph's Fraternity:  Theta Chi, 1942

Theta Chi, 1943

WWII:  Theta Chi, 1945

U.S. Air Cadets at Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA

Coach Richard MacAndrews:  Physical Education

Physical Education Classes, 1944

The Theta Chi House

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Ralph L. Minker Jr.

(all photos courtesy of the Dickinson Microcosm)