Mary Murray Himes (front) on boat to Europe with Mary E. Murray in chair in background

View of Giessen, Germany from the Gasthof Einhorn

"Old Epsilon" of Phi Kappa Sigma 50th reunion

CFH with granddaughters Sarah E. Vale (left) and Mary H. Vale (right)



Charles Francis Himes: The Student
Mark O. Fifer '00


"Fraternity Man:" Charles Francis Himes and his involvement with Phi Kappa Sigma
Laura C. Dettloff '02


Catching a Glimpse for Forever

Christine L. Line '01


A Youth in the Wild: 
Charles Francis Himes in Kansas Territory

LeAnn J. Fawver '00


Charles Francis Himes and the Science Curriculum at Dickinson College

Regan E. Winn '02


Donkeys, Gondolas and Beggars: The Himes Family Tours Europe

Maureen D. McIlhaney '00 


Charles Francis Himes: his role in the evolution of the 
Hamilton Library Association

Andrew J. Averill '00


Resignation from the Faculty of Dickinson College
Robert K. Reeves '02


Himes the “Unpatriotic” American

Carolyn M. Fenton '02


Mary Murray Himes

Erika E. White '01



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