Wheel and Chain

                    Wheel and Chain is an all female senior honorary society. It is unique to Dickinson College as is Raven's Claw and Skull and Key. It was founded at Dickinson College by Mae Mountz and others in 1924 and is still in effect today. The 1934 group of seniors consisted of eight girls. Those girls were R. Sharp, M. E. Betts, S. E. Hess, E. Wentzel, K. M. Dunkin, P. McConnell, C. Meredith, and E. Billow. These girls belonged to several different sororities including ZTA, Phi Mu, Chi O, and Pi Phi, and Betts was an independent. A truly diverse group of women came together in this group. The group is limited to nine members and wear "blue hats" to symbolize unity. In 1934 the group helped to sponsor an orientation program for the freshmen women and presented their annual award to an outstanding woman in the entering class.

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Dickinson 1934 is a project of Prof. Osborne's History 204 Class, Fall Semester 2000.