Skull and Key

                    Skull and Key is a Junior Honorary society that was founded at Dickinson in 1909. It is similar to Wheel and Chain and Raven's Claw in that it is an honorary society and institution unique to Dickinson College. It is still active today and had nine members in 1934. Those members were Robert Bartley, Logan Emlet, Edward First, Bernard Gallagher, Luther Linn, James McIntire, James Mowry, John Scott, and Delbert Slivinske. Skull and Key is a secretive society and it is considered a great honor to be chosen. The new members are chosen by the current members and are inducted in a formal ceremony and then allowed to wear the "black hats" of the society. In 1934 a main responsibility of Skull and Key was the placing of foreign exchange students into housing, the students usually living in and being sponsored by fraternities and their houses. This task, coupled with the responsibility of representing the students and resolving situations on campus within the realm of student life, were the main functions of Skull and Key as enumerated by 1934 graduate Ben James.

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