Dickinson Baseball 1933
 photograph courtesy of Dickinson College Archives

This photograph features the 1933 Dickinson College men's baseball team and was taken at Biddle Field in the spring of 1933.  This team had a 1-4 record.  It is important to note the team had eleven regularly scheduled baseball games.  However, due to a three week stretch of inclement weather, the team was forced to cancel six of these meetings.  The head coach of the team was Joseph McCormick.  Wes Pedlow, in the upper right hand corner, was a student manager as was W.M. Johnson, the gentleman in the upper left hand corner.  Hugo Vivadelli is sitting on the bottom row sixth from the right.  Peter Sivess, a member of the Dickinson College Sports Hall of Fame, is the man sitting on the bottom row and is third from the right.  Sivess was drafted by the Boston Red Sox after he graduated from college.  Unfortunately, Sivess was also drafted into World War II and was unable to play professional baseball.  The captain of the team was Benny Bass and his co-captain was Corney Hughes.

The 1933 schedule for the baseball team was as follows:

Dickinson 4 -  Lehigh 1       W
Penn State
Dickinson 3 - Penn State 5   L
Dickinson 4 - Temple 11      L
Dickinson 3 - Gettysburg 5   L
Dickinson 5 - Gettysburg 8   L

The roster for the 1933 baseball team includes the following:
(There are more players in the picture than listed in the roster.  Unfortunately, a reason explaining this has not been identified)

Benny Bass A. James Reeves John B. Daugherty Robert "Josh" Bartlety James Knight Lloyd B. "Corney" Hughes John W. Bieri
Victor J. Tamanosky Peter Sivess Clark MacLeary Hugo Vivadelli E. Hubert Jessop Bookbinder

A typical starting lineup for the 1933 baseball team:

Benny Bass
Second Base
A. James Reeves
Left Field
John B. Daugherty
Right Field
Robert "Josh" Bartley
Lloyd B. "Corney" Hughes
First Base
Hugo Vivadelli
John W. Bieri
Center Field
E. Hubert Jessop
Third Base
Victor J. Tamanosky

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