Baseball 1891

Photograph courtesy of the Dickinson College Archives

From left to right:  Foster Sudler (rf.)-'91, William M. Curry (ss.)-'93, William H. Landis (1b.)-'91, John Miller (ss.)-'94, Harry H. Minnich (c.)-'91, William Patton (p.)-'92, Charles E. Pettinos ((lf.)-'92, John A. Brandt (2b.)-'92, Harper A. Himes (cf.)-'94.  Not pictured are Charles Ames (lf.)-'93 and J. Hinson (3b.)-'92.
The baseball team of 1891 played only five games, winning four of them.  Their opposition consisted of the Indian School:  12-4, University of Pennsylvania:  0-3, Ursinus:  9-4, John's Hopkins:  6-5 and the U.S. Navy Cadets:  12-8.  This photograph was taken on the steps of what at that time was the entrance to Bosler Hall.  The team was led by their star player, pitcher William Patton, who was elected to the Dickinson Sports Hall of Fame in 1980.  He was a major league baseball prospect in 1892, however he chose to go to law school.  Other notables include Landis, who was president of the senior class and professor of math and astronomy at Dickinson from 1895 till his death in the early 1940's.  Pettinos was quarterback of the football team and member of the bicycle club.

The baseball team played as a part of the Intercollegiate Athletic Association whose members included Haverford College, Lehigh University, the University of Pennsylvania, Lafayette College and Swarthmore.  Each year elections were held to determine the executive council of the IAA, and in the year 1890 the secretary of the organization happened to be from Dickinson. S.S Wallace was secretary of the IAA in 1890, being the lone representative of the College that year.  He was a member of the football and baseball teams, as well as the senior class president.
Michael Goldenberg

All information taken from 1892 and 1893 Dickinson College Microcosm and the Dickinsonian.