Class of 1854

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Class of 1854

*Allen, Tiphen Walsingham, pc- Born Feb. 7, 1833, near Mt. Jackson, Va.; p., Rhesa Allen and Katharine K. White; entered 1852; farmer; U.P. society; married, 1855, Miss Nannie Lee Saunders of near Leesburg, Loudon county, Va. Died July 12, 1900, at Mt. Jackson.

*Allison, James - Greencastle; U.P.society. Further record unknown.

Arbogast, Benjamin - Born Nov. 13, 1825, in Pocahontas county, W. Va.; 1854, A.B.; 1854-56, tutor in Dickinson college; 1858-61, member Baltimore conference, Methodist Episcopal church; 1858-60, principal of Wesleyan female college, Staunton, Va.; 1860-66, principal. of Cassville female college, Ga.; 1866-72, president, Martha Washington college, Abingdon, Va., 1872-74, pres., Wesleyan university, Ky.; 1874-81, president of Valley female college, Winchester, Va.; U.P.society. Died Mar. 31, 1881, at Winchester, Va.

*Bailey, Thomas Carroll - Born Aug. 25, 1831, Denton, Caroline county, Md.; p. William and Juliana (Milburn) Bailey; prep., Denton academy; entered 1851; retired 1852; clerk in treasury department, Washington, D.C.; 12 yrs. disciplinarian and instructor, Girard college, Philadelphia, Pa.; 6 years clerk in treasury dept., 16 years chief of division in second auditor's office; clerk in treasury; U.P.society; married, Jan. 6, 1866, to Sophie Mills, in Philadelphia; children, Laura D., Helen D., Carroll E. Address, 2024 P street, N.W., Washington, D.C.

*Belt, Albert Sydney- Prince George's county, Md.; Zeta Psi; B.L. society. Further record unknown.

*Bosler, James Williamson - Born Apr. 4, 1833, Silver Spring township, Cumberland county, Pa.; p. Abram and Eliza (Herman) Bosler; prep., Cumberland academy, New Kingston, Pa.; entered 1850; retired 1852; capitalist; teacher in schools of Moultrie, O., 1852-54; admitted to bar, Wheeling, W. Va.; engaged in business in Wheeling; moved to Sioux City, Ia., in 1855, and engaged in banking and real estate business, and later in the forwarding and contracting of supplies; member of state legislature of Iowa; removed to Carlisle, Pa., 1866; member of Republican national committee, 1880; B.L. society; married, 1860, to Helen Beltzhoover of Boiling Springs, ; children, Frank C., Mary Eliza, DeWitt Clinton, Helen Louise. Died Dec. 17, 1883, at Carlisle. In 1885, the "James W. Bosler Memorial Library Building" of Dickinson College was erected by his widow as a tribute to his memory.

*Bosler, John Herman- Born Dec. 14, 1830, Silver Spring township, Cumberland county, Pa.; brother to James Williamson (see above); prep., Cumberland academy, New Kingston, Pa.; entered 1850; retired 1851; engaged in the milling and distilling business, 1851-56; engaged in iron producing, Huntingdon county, Pa., 1856-58; returned to Carlisle, 1858, and resumed milling; stock raising in Nebraska and Wyoming; connected with numerous business enterprises both in Carlisle and in the west; presidential elector, 1888; trustee of Dickinson college, 1893-97. Married, Oct. 1, 1856, to Mary J. Kirk of Mifflin, Pa.; children, Gertrude, Herman E., Lila McClellan, Jean M., Fleta and James Kirk. Died Nov. 18, 1897 at Carlisle.

Bowdle, William James - Born Oct. 8, 1834, at Church Creek, Md.; 1854, A.B.; 1856, M.D., Baltimore; 1856-58, practiced medicine in Kansas; 1858, returned to Baltimore; 1861, surgeon, United States Navy; hospital surgeon at Hilton Head, S.C.; 1865-76, practiced medicine in Dorchester county, Md.; B.L. society. Died Aug. 1, 1876, at Church Creek, Md.

Bowlus, Noah - Born Oct. 21, 1829, Middletown, Md.; p. David and Sophia (Beckinbaugh) Bowlus; prep., Middletown classical academy; entered 1851; A.B., 1854; lawyer; 1868-70, member of Maryland legislature; 1884-88, state senator of Maryland; engaged in the oil producing business, Toledo, O., 1888-1903; U.P. society; unmarried. Died Aug. 9, 1904.

*Bruner, Abraham - Born Oct. 12, 1831, Columbia, Pa.; prep., Dickinson grammar school; entered 1850; retired 1851; lumber dealer; U.P.society; married, Oct. 9, 1855, to Sarah Jane Breneman of Columbia, Pa. Address, 226 Cherry street, Columbia, Pa.

*Clapham, John N. - Washington, D.C.; U.P. society. Died 1862. "Further information withheld" [contrast "withheld" with "unknown"]

*Conway, Robert H. - Born Harrison, Md.; p. Minos and Sarah Conway; teacher; B.L. society; married, May 30, 1872, to Jenny L. Medford, Harrison, Md.; children, Delia M., Ralph H., Olin P., Sadie M., Nellie B. Died Apr. 19, 1900, Harrison, Md.

Emory, Samuel William - Born Reistertown, Md., about January 1, 1837; A.B., 1854; B.L. society. Died in Baltimore, Md., Nov. 12, 1862.

Fountain, Nehemiah - Born Dec., 1834, at Denton, Md.; A.B., 1854; admitted to the bar in Denton, Md.; 1860, removed to Woodstock, Va.; captain, Confederate States Army; taken prisoner at the battle of Gettysburg; Zeta Psi; U.P. society. Died in Woodstock, Va.. Jan., 1876.

Garrison, George Tancard - Born Jan. 14, 1835, in Accomac county, Va.; A.B., 1854; graduated in law, Univ. of Va., 1857; enlisted in Confederate States Army, but was elected to and served in Va. legis. until close of war instead, first in house then in senate; 1870-81, judge of 8th Va. circuit; 1881-5, member of congress; Zeta Psi. Died Nov. 13, 1889, at Accomac Court House, Va.

Gibson, Asher Davidson - P., Robert and Margaret Gibson; entered 1850; A.B., 1854; U.P. society; married, Jan. 30, 1861, Sylvia Lucina McNett of Mendota, Ill.; children, Emma Letitia, Charles Luke, Florence B., Mary. Died c. 1895, at San Bernardino, Ca.

Gibson, Otis - Born 1826, at Moira, Franklin county, N.Y.; A.B., 1854; D.D. 1877; 1855-65, missionary of the Methodist Episcopal church in China; 1866-8, pastor at Moira, N.Y.; 1868-81, member of the California conference, Methodist Episcopal church; 1873, delegate to the Evangelical alliance; 1881, delegate to the Methodist ecumenical council; B.L. society. Published "The Chinese in America." Died 1889, in San Franciso.

Gorgas, Ferdinand James Samuel - Born Winchester, Va., July 27, 1835; p., John DeLancy and Mary Ann Gorgas; prep., Dickinson grammer schol; entered 1850; A.B., 1854; D.D.S., 1857, Baltimore college dental surgery; M.D., 1863, Univ. of Md.; dentist; volunteer surgeon, U.S. Army, 1862; dean and professor, Baltimore college of dental surgery, 1867-82; prof., posthetic dentistry and oral surgery, and dean of dental department, Univ. of Md., 1882-. Editor "American Journal of Dental Surgery." Author "Dental Medicine," "Questions and Answers for Dental Students," "Principles and Science of Dentistry," "Dental and Medical Dictionary." B.L. society; married Anna E. Swormstedt. Address, 845 N. Eutaw street., Hamilton Terrace, Baltimore, Md.

*Gorin, Underwood - Berren county, Ky.; lawyer; practiced at Elizabethtown, Ky., and died 1867.

Halbert, William Duffield - Born Jan. 24, 1834, Carlisle, Pa.; p., John and Eliza Ann Halbert; entered 1850; admittde to Carlisle bar, 1857; clerk to secretary of commonwealth, 1867-73; B.L. society. Address, 1901 Thompson street, Philadelphia.

*Hansen, Walter - Elsenore, Denmark. "Further record unknown."

*Heath, Horace M. -Northampton county, Va.; physician; U.P. society; practiced medicine in native county, and died c. 1880.

*Hepburn, William W. - Carlisle, Pa.; banker; U.P. society. Died 1864, in Carlisle.

Heysinger, John Loren - Born Feb. 20, 1829, Fayetteville, Pa.; p., Jacob and Catharine Heysinger; A.B., 1854; clergyman; 1854-62, member, Phila. conference, Methodist Episcopal church; 1863, grad., Protestant Episcopal divinity school, Phila.; 1863-69, rector, Grace church, Hulmerville, Bucks county, Pa.; 1869-71, St. John's, New London, Pa.; 1871-74, St. Timothy's, Phila.; married, Feb. 20, 1860, to Josephine M. Tindall, Philadelphia; children, Elenore, Harry Loren, Catharine M., Franklin W., Josephine M. and John W. Died Jan. 27, 1901, at Philadelphia.

*Holmes, David James - Born Dec. 22, 1830, near Carlisle, Pa.; p., Daniel R. and Mary (Griffin) Holmes; prep., Rock River seminary, Mt. Morris, Ill.; entered 1850; entered Yale, 1851; entered WIlliams college; entered Garrett Biblical institute; A.B., 1855, WIlliams; B.D., Garret Biblical institute; D.D., 1890, Allegheny college; teacher, three years; entered Rock River conference, 1859, and in active ministry until date of death; married, Mar. 28, 1852, Equilda L.M. Plumb of New Haven, Conn. who died Sept. 16, 1865; children, John M., Mary Elliot, William Deles, Frank Guendon; second, Nov. 1866, Mrs. Helen C. Cook of Rockford, Ill.; children, Fannie Cheever, Daniel James and David Wheeler. Died Jun. 4, 1904, at Palatine, Ill.

*Houston, Joseph M. - Lewes, Del.; physician; U.P. society; practiced in Milton, Del., and died c.1874.

*Hunter, Henry C. - Harrisonburg, Va.; Zeta Psi; went to Texas, and is supposed to have died there.

Hurst, John Fletcher - Born Aug. 17, 1834, Dorchester county, Md.; A.B., 1854; D.D., 1866, and LL. D., 1880; studied theology at Universities of Halle and Heifelberg, Germany; entered Methodist ministry, 1858, in Newark conference; instructor, Methodist mission institute, Bremen, Germany, 1866-8; Frankfort-on-the-Main, 1868-71; traveled, 1869-71; professor, historical theology, 1871-73, and president, 1873-80, Drew theological seminary, Madison, N.J.; bishop of Methodist Episcopal church, 1880-1903; visited all parts of U.S., much of Mexico, Europe, India, and Western Asia; chancellor, American university, Washington. Author of numerous works [see Alumni Record, 1905 for complete list of titles], including “Why Americans Love Shakespeare,” “History of Rationalism,” and “Martyrs to the Tract Cause”; has also translated several works from German. U.P. society. Died May 1, 1903, at Washington, D.C.

*Luckenbach, William H. - Phila., Pa.; U.P. society; clergyman of the Lutheran church. Further record unknonwn.

*Lyon, Charles H.B. - Phila., Pa.; B.L. society. Further record unknown.

*McKim, Josiah F. - Washington, D.C.; U.P. society. Further record unknown.

Neild, Hugh C. *- Church Creek, Md.; U.P. society; farmer. Died Jul. 28, 1856.

Peach, John - Born Apr. 18, 1835, Ash Grove, Md.; p., Samuel and Caroline Hamilton Peach; entered 1852; A.B., 1852; M.D., University of Maryland, 1858; physician; B.L. society; married, Feb. 27, 1870, Bettie H. Wellford of Culpepper, Va.; children, Robert Wellford, John Franklin, Herndon, Preston Littlepage, Samuel Marvin, Nannie, Miriam, Bettie. Address, Mitchellsville, Md.

Perrie, Joseph Benson - Born Jun, 21, 1831, in Prince George's county, Md.; p., Hugh and Ann Washington Perrie; prep., Hollowell's academy, Alexandria, Va.; entered 1850; A.B., 1854, and A.M., 1857; farmer; professor of mathematics in Andrew female college, Texas, 1855-56; 1865-75, school commissioner for Prince George's county, Md.; reappointed, 1880; member of the legislature of Maryland, 1884-88; register of wills for Prince George's county, 1889-95; B.L. society; married, Feb. 25, 1858, to Martha A. Conrad, Martinsburg, Va.; no children. Address, Westwood, Md.

Pfeiffer, Henry Hamilton- Born June 23, 1832, in Pittsburgh, Pa.; 1854, A.B.; 1854, professor of mathematics in military academy, Bristol, Pa.; 1855-7, professor of mathematics in Burlington college, N.J.; engaged in farming at Westwood, Md.; Zeta Psi; B.L. society. Died June 18, 1886, at Westwood.

Price, Urner J.*- Chester county, Pa. Further record unknown.

Reynolds, L.D.*- Columbia county, Pa. ; Zeta Psi ; U. P. society. Further record unknown.

Richards, Robert Henry- A.B., 1854; U.P. society; lawyer; supposed to have moved to St. Louis, Mo., and to have died there about 1858.

Rogers, William B. * -Died at Glasgow, Ky., 1857.

Rusling, James Fowler – Born April 14, 1834m Washington, N.J.; p., Geishom and Eliza B. (Hankinson) Rusling; prep., Pennington seminary; entered 1852; A.B., 1854; A.M., 1857; LL. D., 1889; lawyer; professor, natural science, Williamsport Dickinson seminary, 1854-57; admitted to bar, Pennsylvania, 1857, and of New Jersey, 1859; first lieutenant and brevet brigadier general, United States Volunteers, 1861-66; pension agent, New Jersey, 1869-77; tax commissioner of New Jersey, 1896; trustee of Dickinson college, 1861-83, 1904-; U.P. society. Author “Across America,” “History of Pennington Seminary,” “Men and Things I Saw in the Civil War,” “European Days and Ways,” etc.; married, January 1, 1855, Mary F. Winner of Pennington, N.J.; second, June 30, 1870, Emily Wood of Trenton, N.J.; children, James Wood, (born May 32, 1874,) Emily Weller (born May 18, 1884). Address, 226 E. State street, Trenton, N.J.

Stayman, Joseph B. *.-Carlisle. Died about 1900.

Stone, Alfred Christopher- Born July 8, 1831, at Rahway, N.J.; 1854, A.B.’ 1859, admitted to the bar in Newark, N.J.; U.P. society. Died June 17, 1867.

Walton, David Harrison- Born October 21, 1830, at Shenandoah, Va.; A.B., 1854; studied law at Lexington, Va.; captain and adjutant, Confederate States army; U.P. society. Died at Woodstock, Va., July 17, 1876.

White, Mark- A.B., 1854; U.P. society; postmaster at Nicholsville, N.Y. Died 1869.

Wootton, Richard *-Born April 1, 1835, Prince George's county, Md. ; p., William Turnor and Margaret Hall Wootton ; prep., Georgetown college ; farmer; engaged in farming until 1887; member house of delegates three terms ; clerk house of delegates two terms ; deputy collector internal revenue, 1885-89, 1893-98 ; solicitor for life insurance, 1898-1901 ; B. L. society ; married, March 28, 1873, Elise Duckett Contee of Prince George's county, Md.; children, William Hill, Henry Contee, Richard, Frank Hall, Mary Margaret, Cora Bowie. Died December 1, 1901.

Wright, J.V.B. *-Talbot county, Md. ; U. P. society. Further record unknown.

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