The Faculty from 1853-1854

(Taken from Page 5 of the College Catalogue)


Rev. Charles Collins, D.D. - President and Professor of Moral Science

Rev. Erastus Wentworth, D.D. - Professor of Natural Science and Curator of the Museum

Rev. Herman M. Johnson, D.D. - Professor of Philosophy and English Literature

James W. Marshall, A.M. - Professor of Ancient Languages

Rev. Otis H. Tiffany, A.M. - Professor of Mathematics

Charles E. Blumenthal, A.M. - Professor of Hebrew and Modern Languages

Rev. William D. Godman, A.M. - Tutor in Languages

Samuel D. Hillman, A.M. - Principal of the Grammar School

A.F. Musselman, A.B. - Tutor in Languages and Assistant in the Grammar School

William A. Snively, A.B. - Assistant in the Grammar School


Dickinson College Faculty Index, 1783 - c.1990