Visualizing a Mission:
Artifacts and Imagery of the Carlisle Indian School, 1879-1918


This catalogue, an online version of the printed original, is the work of the members of the Art Historical Methods Seminar at Dickinson College. The annual seminar is designed to introduce students to the practice of preparing an exhibition and catalogue. Working with objects drawn from three separate collections, members of the seminar organized the material into major themes and prepared the following thematic essays and exhibition didactics. Their research and planning have been supported by a variety of gifted and dedicated college and museum professionals. Please contact Phillip Earenfight [email] with any quesitons you have about the exhibit or catalogue.

We have provided a pdf copy of the catalog below as well as the text of the individual essays contained therein. To view the catalog or essays, please click on the titles below.

Complete Exhibit Catalogue and Program (3.87 MB)

Phillip Earenfight, Seminar Adviser/Director, The Trout Gallery

Richard Henry Pratt: 1840–1924
Seminar Members
A Kiowa’s Odyssey: Etahdleuh Doanmoe’s Sketches from Fort Marion
Kathleen McWeeney
John Nicholas Choate and the Production of Photography at the Carlisle Indian School
Laura Turner
Visual Propaganda at the Carlisle Indian School
Molly Fraust
Ceremonial Imagery in Plains Indian Artifacts from The Trout Gallery’s Permanent Collection
Stephanie Latini
“Going Back to the Blanket”: New Outlooks on Art Instruction at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School
Kathryn M. Moyer
Marketing the Exotic: Creating the Image of the “Real” Indian
Antonia Valdes-Dapena
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