Field Hockey 1964
Photograph courtesy of the Dickinson College Archives
This is a photograph of the Women's Field Hockey Team on the sidelines of a game, probably on the Herman Bosler Biddle Memorial Athletic Fields in 1964.  The field was a gift to the school in 1909.  A Locker and Training Building was built there in 1962, and the stands were rebuilt in 1967.  Alternatively, it may be an away game, but as no members of the opposing team are present in this photograph this could not be accurately checked.  Team members that year included D. Detweiler, C. Freas, R. Matthews, P. Winter, A. Tindall, E. Mogensen, M. Troxler, K. Kelley, P. White, C. Kachelreiss, and J. Greenfield.  The coach of this team was Coach Katherine Barber, now Professor Emerita of the Physical Education Department at Dickinson College, present in the center of this photo, standing up.  During her time at Dickinson, Coach Barber coached numerous sports and activities.

This photograph is interesting and enigmatic because all the members of the Women's Field Hockey Team appear to be present in the picture.  The three people closest to the left of the photograph do not appear to be Dickinson students, although they may be friends or visitors.  The table in the center of the picture appears to hold a time clock as well as some refreshments for the players.  The photograph appeared first in the 1965 Microcosm.  The team, known as the Devilettes, finished the season with a record of 4-3-1.

Maureen McIlhaney

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