1938 Women's Archery
 *Photograph courtesy of Dickinson College Archives

This picture was taken in 1938 of the Women's Archery team, clearly during the late fall or early winter, though the archery season was year round.   Later in the fall term and during the winter, the archery team shot inside in the Alumni Gymnasium, now the Weiss Center. They shot in the basement along the cinder track.
Even though women's archery was not a competitive sport it was still recognized by the College and a picture of 1938's team did appear in Dickinson's 1938 Microcosm.  Though not this picture, the photograph displayed in the yearbook was probably taken on the same day because the women were wearing the same clothes. The regulation costume, which was purchased from the College, was worn by the women during competitions. These competitions were held between the women in the four classes. There were two different rounds of competition, indoor and outdoor.  Indoor competition involved each woman shooting at three different distances, 40 feet, 50 feet, and 60 feet. The outdoor competition had the women shoot rounds at 30, 40 and 50 yards.

Before World War II women's sports were fairly new to Dickinson. It was in 1923 that Dickinson's first director of Physical Education for women was hired. In 1926, Jeanette Packard was appointed instructor of women's physical training, though she held the post only during that one year. Women were encouraged to become involved in sports and were given incentive through awards and recognition for achievement in their particular sport.  Evidence suggests that archery was not overly popular at this time, since it was the only sport not mentioned in the 1938 yearbook. Basketball was the only varsity sport, but swimming was popular as well as bowling and riding. The latter were non-varsity sports and not inter-collegiate; instead, competitions were held between sororities and classes.

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All information was gathered from the 1938 Microcosm