Women's Archery 1933

*Photograph courtesy of The Dickinson College Archives.
This picture is believed to contain eight of the nine emblem winners for the 1933 archery class at Dickinson College.  It seems to have been taken at the side of the Alumni Gymnasium.  The nine award recipients from 1933 were: Freshman Mary Ellen Williams; Sophomores Jean H. Black, Mary A. Duncan, and Eleanor T. Waugh; and Juniors Kathryn Duncan, Helen M. Epler, Geneva M. Jumper, Christine B. Meredith, and Elizabeth M. Pyles. No seniors received class emblems that year. Jean Whittaker managed the archery class and K. Duncan assisted.

Archery was one of four major sports played in gym classes by women.  Classes would each have a team and competitions were held between them.  In the Spring, the Women's Athletic Council would hold a banquet for all women who actively participated in activities and for those women who had won awards.  Three trophies were awarded.  Hockey and Basketball Trophies went to the First Team of the winning class.  That class's numerals were then engraved on the trophy.  The Inter-class Athletic Championship trophy was awarded to the class with the greatest number of points accumulated during the year.

Also awarded at the Spring Banquet were the Junior Sportsmanship Blazer.  To be eligible, the woman had to be a member of the Junior class and to have accumulated 35 points in at least three different first teams from their class.  Participants on a first team for their class would receive five points per season played.   Four women were chosen from among those eligible by the previous wears  of the Blazer and the Faculty Advisory committee.
Individuals who participated on a first team for their class were awarded a Jersey sweater in their class color ( for example the Class of 1934 received purple sweaters) with the class emblem for their sport on the sweater.  No one received more than one sweater and no one received more than one emblem per sport, but the women could accumulated points.

LeAnn Fawver

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 Source: Microcosm 1932, 1933, 1934