Dickinson Football 1896
*Photograph courtesy of the Dickinson College Archives
Here is  a list of the starters In 1896.
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Left End: Wingert
Left Tackle: Armour
Left Gaurd: Sheetz
Center: Troxell
Right Gaurd: Ralston
Right Tackle: Ford
Right End: Craver
Quarterback: Houston
Left Halfback: Devall
Fullback: Heckman
Right Halfback: Heckenberry

    This photograph is from the 1896 season of Dickinson football.  The photograph was taken in front of Bosler Hall on the Dickinson campus and is the team's "informal" pose. This team had a 5-4 record playing against institutions like Penn State, the University of Pennsylvania, as well as the likes of Bucknell and Lafayette.  In addition to these schools they played the York YMCA team and the squad from the Carlisle Indian School.  The team had a full time coach, Nathan P. Stauffer (who was a medical doctor from the University of Pennsylvania) for the first time this year and it was their first winnning season since 1889.  1896 was the first year Dickinson was considered one of the better football schools in the state of Pennsylvania, which was quite a feat for a team who only a few years ago did not have a winning record or a full time coach.

    Some of the individuals in the above photograph are as yet unidentified, and the following identifications are subject to error.  1st row (left to right) Thomas M. West, (third from left) Otho C. Miller, (fourth from left) Oscar Ford, (fifth from left) Forrest E. Craver, (sixth from left) Irvin M. Wertz, (eighth from left) Donald N. Houston.  (far left) Arthur M. Devall.   2nd row: Walter W. Hoover, Lewis P. Wingert, Harry C.Louther.   3rd row: Raymond N.Hockenberry, H.W. Seifert, Charles F. Armour, (far right) Edmund L. Ryan.

    Oscar Ford, the captain in addition to being the right tackle for the squad, was a pioneer inductee into the Dickinson College Sports Hall of Fame.  This recognition is given to only the very best of early Dickinson athletes.  In reality, however, the whole team should be thought of as pioneers of sports at Dickinson.

Here Are the Substitute Players from 1896

Quarterback: West

Halfbacks, Fullbacks: Wertz, Rochow, Tate, Lowther

Ends: Bosley, Hoover

Gaurd: Taylor

Tackle: Miller


David Wilock

Gobrecht, Wilbur J., History of Football at Dickinson College 1885-1969.  Dickinson College, Carlisle.
Microcosm, 1898.
Dickinson College Sports Hall of Fame photographic collection