Dickinson College Women's Glee Club

This all-female organization consisted of 32 gifted women. The groups executive positions were held as follows:

Director:  Mrs. Leslie Karper
President:  Helen Jackson
Secretary:  Leora Williams
Treasurer:  Dorothy Edwards
Librarian:  Mary Dunkin

The groups First Sopranos were:

E. Brinser                    K. Dunkin                    L. Eddy
D. Edwards                    P. Gussman                  M.C. Hurst
L. Paxton                    E. Ralston                    L. Myers
E. Slaight                    G. Snyder                    D. Stanton                    E. Wittfoot

The groups Second Sopranos were:

H. Anstine                    I. Byers                    H. Carl
G. Carver                      D. Dout                 M. Duncan
 B. Stickel                    M. Elliott                    O. Fitzgerald                    E. Pfleuger

The groups Altos were:

B. De Fako                    J. Dum                    F. Eddy
E. Hibbs                    H. Jackson                   K. Patterson
E. Shuck                    L. Williams

This talented group of women performed at Allison Methodist Church in the musical portion of their candlelight service. The Glee Club also performed a Spring program on campus.

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