Cornelius Winfield Fink

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    Cornelius Winfield Fink was born on November 10, 1893 in Zanesville, Ohio. Fink graduated from Muskingum College in 1914 and began in Journalism from 1914-1919. He became an Instructor in Social Science and Latin at the Dresden High School in Dresden, Ohio from 1920-1922. Eddy later became and Instructor in Economics at Ohio State University from 1922-1924. He matriculated there as a student to earn his Masters Degree in 1924. In that same year, he became and Assistant Professor of Economics at Ohio University until 1926 when the University made him Associate Professor of Economics.
    Before coming to Dickinson College, Fink completed graduate work at the University of Michigan(1928), the University of Wisconsin(1929) and Northwestern University(1930). Fink arrived at Dickinson College in 1930 as an Associate Professor of Economics and Political Science. Fink became the Chairman of the Economic Department in 1946. He held both of these positions until 1955 when he retired from Dickinson College. At the college, Fink was very active with the Debate Club. He was even elected President of the Debating Association of Pennsylvania in 1945-1946.
    Outside of Dickinson College, Fink married Oneta Compher in 1916. He was a Mason and member of the Carlisle Fish and Game Association. Fink was very active at the Allison Methodist Church. He taught sunday school for a number of years there and in Ohio. Fink later died on December 20, 1955.


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