Visiting Scholars (1957-2004)

Established in 1956, the Visiting Scholar Program sends distinguished scholars to colleges and universities with Phi Beta Kappa chapters for visits of two days each. The Scholar is not on a "speaking tour" with one lecture at each stop, but is expected to take full part in the academic life of the institution. The purpose of the program is to contribute to the intellectual life of the campus by making possible an exchange of ideas between the Visiting Scholar and the resident faculty and students.

The Alpha Chapter of Pennsylvania at Dickinson College has welcomed a number of distinguished visiting scholars to the campus over the years. The following list of visiting scholars was prepared for the Centennial Handbook published in 1986 and was amended by Robert Reeves in the spring of 2004.

  1957 Edwin G. Nourse,
Economics, Chairman Joint Council on Economic Education,
"The Present Economic Situation"
  1959 Louise Overacker,
Political Science, Wellesley,
"The Challenge of Little Rock"
  1960 Ernest T. Simmons,
Slavic Languages, Columbia,
"The Scholar and Modern Society"
  1961 C. Vann Woodward,
History, Johns Hopkins,
"Is History Obsolete?"
  1962 George B. Creesey,
Georgraphy, Syracuse,
"How Strong is Russia?"
  1963 Sean O'Faolain,
Novelist and Short Story Writer, Irish Academy of Letters,
"Trial by Pleasure, or It's Good If You Enjoy It"
  1964 Morris Bishop,
Romance Literature, Cornell,
"The World as Absurdity"
  1965 Hiram Haydn,
Editor, American Scholar,
"Humanism in 1984"
  1966 W. H. T. Jackson,
Medievalist, Columbia,
"Shining Knights and Filthy Beasts"
  1967 Otto Luening,
Music, Columbia,
"Significant Trends in Twentieth Century Music"
  1968 Donald Frame,
French, Columbia,
"Montaigne on the Absurdity and Dignity of Man"
  1970 Leon Howard,
English, California (Los Angeles),
"Moby Dick, a Twentieth Century Interpretation"
  1971 John W. Ward,
American Civilization, Amherst,
Visit cancelled due to accession to presidency at Amherst
  1972 Froelich Rainey,
Dir. Univ. Museum, Pennsylvania
"Search for Sybaris"

Leo Marx,
English & American Studies, Amherst,
"American Pastoralism Reconsidered"

  1974 Charles W. Hamilton,
Political Science, Columbia,
"Public Policy and Urban Politics"
  1975 Jean S. Boggs,
Fine Arts, Dir. National Gallery, Ottawa
"The Significance of Pablo Picasso and Harlequin"

Wayne Andrews,
Architecture, Wayne State. Univ.
"The Gothic Menace"

  1977 Colin S. Pittendrigh,
Biology, Hopkins Marine Lab.
"Biological Clocks"
  1978 Milton Katz,
Law, Harvard
"Human Rights in Amer. Hist. in Contemporary U.S. Foreign Policy"
  1980 Fritz Stern,
History, Columbia,
"Einstein's Germany"
  1981 May Ann Caws,
Romance Languages, Hunter and CUNYC,
"Reading in the Light of the Image"
  1982 Robert Lekachman,
Economics, Lehman College and CUNYC,
Visit cancelled due to surgery
  1983 Monroe Donsker,
Mathematics, Courant Inst. of Math. Sci.,
"Probability and Intuition"
  1984 Ellen Weaver,
Biology, San Jose State, CA,
"Photosynthesis: What It Means to the Earth"
  1985 Peter Arnott,
Drama, Tufts,
Euripides, "The Bacchae" (in performance"
  1986 Marvin Wolfgang,
Sociology and Law, Pennsylvania,
"Our Changing Policy: From Rehabilitation to Retribution"
  1990 Jack Halpern,
Chemistry, Chicago,
"The Catalytic Revolution"
  1994 Lauren Resnick,
Director, Learning Research and Development Center, Univ. of Pittsburgh
"20/20 Vision: What Kind of Education Do We Need for the Next Century and What Must We Do to Get It?"
  1995 Dorothy Robins-Mowry,
Vice President, The Pacific Institute,
"Building Intercultural Communication: Today's Challenge in World Relations"
  1996 Peter Gay,
History, Yale (Emeritus)
  2002 Paul Rozin,
Psychology, Pennsylvania,
"The Fear of Food"
  2004 Margaret Berger,
Law, Brooklyn Law School,
"Rethinking the Need for Finality in Criminal Proceedings: The Impact of DNA Evidence"

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