Bosler Hall
Bosler Cartouche - The Wilderness Years (1941-2000)

Bosler Hall As you might expect for a 3 ½ ton piece of stone, the Bosler Cartouche remained relatively stationary for its first 55 years of existence. In place above the entrance to the Bosler Library, it was seen regularly by Dickinson students from 1885 to 1940. During the second half of the 20th century, however, it began a journey that eventually brought it back to a few yards away from its original home.

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The Cartouche was removed in 1940 when the walls of Bosler were covered with limestone. It was placed in storage in a barn, where it remained, forgotten, for over 25 years until the barn was torn down. Cartouche
Old Location The class of 1913, which was preparing for their 55th year reunion, came to the rescue of the Cartouche. In 1968 it was placed between Adams and Witwer Halls facing the law school. This was also the last year that Bosler served as Dickinson's Library. The Spahr Library opened in 1968, and Bosler was converted to office and classroom use.

See larger photo of Cartouche.

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