Bosler Hall
CROC & The Bosler Cartouche:
Moving a Piece of Dickinson History

Bosler Today The building now known as Bosler Hall is the home of Dickinson's language and education departments, as well as instructional media resources. For many years, however, this building was the James W. Bosler Memorial Library Hall. In fact, if you look at the entrance to the building which faces the Academic Quad, you can see the faint outline of the old name in the stone.
Many people were not aware that Bosler once held a small piece of Dickinson history -- that is, if you can consider a 3 ½ ton piece of stone small. This little piece of history moved around quite a bit in the past 60 years, but thanks to CROC it has recently come home.

 What's a CROC? And why can't a 3 ½ ton stone remain still?

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