The History of Dickinson College

Chartered in 1783, Dickinson College is the first college founded after the end of the Revolutionary War. Founded by John Dickinson and Benjamin Rush, and with the financial help of such figures as Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, the institution is imbedded in the history of the new nation. Dickinson has continued in this tradition, producing a US President, James Buchanan, two Supreme Court Justices, and dozens of Congressman, among hundreds of other distinguished alumni. Today Dickinson College is one of the most prestigious instiutions of higher learning in the world. Several histories of the College have been written, five of which appear here. For more information contact the Dickinson College Archives and Special Collections or browse through Chronicles, the annals of Dickinson College.


Charles Coleman Sellers' Dickinson College, A History

Rev. Charles Collins' Dickinson College from The Ladies' Repository - written just two years after Tiphen graduated, by the College President, a man who knew Tiphen

Charles F. Himes' A Sketch of Dickinson College, Carlisle, Penn'a - written by a member of the class below Tiphen, this is the first narrative history of the College

The College History

William H. Allen's Dickinson College, An Historial Sketch