Through War Torn Europe: An official trip after WWI told in the words of James Gordon Steese

Through War-Torn Europe
James Gordon Steese, F.R.G.S.
Colonel (Engineers) General Staff
Maps and Photographs

Whose friendship and loyalty have been
The inspiration for this work.

Special Orders }  War Department
No. 151-O. }   Washington, June 28, 1919.

*  *  *
23. Col. James G. Steese, General Staff, will proceed on or about July 10, 1919, to Hoboken, N.J., and report to the commanding general port of embarkation for transportation to France, and upon arrival in France will report to the commanding general American Expeditionary Forces, for temporary duty for the purpose of carrying out the verbal instructions of the Secretary of War, and upon the completion of this duty will return to his present station in this city. Col. Steese is authorized to perform such travel as may be necessary to visit places in Europe which the instructions of the Secretary or War require. The travel directed is necessary in the military service.
*  *  *
By Order Of The Secretary Of War:
     Peyton C. March
     General, Chief of Staff.
P.C. Harris,
The Adjutant General.

1. At Sea, July 13-15, 1919
2. At Sea, July 16-19
3. Verdun, Dun-sur-Meuse, July 20-23
4. Sedan, Clermont-en-Argonne, Grand Pre, July 24-26
5. St. Menehould, July 27
6. Reims, Resume of Chateau-Thierry Operations, Soissons, Amiens, Lille, July 28-31
7. Ypres, Osten, Brussels, August 1-3
8. Brussels, Liege, Cologne, Coblenz, August 4-7
9. Wiesbaden, Mainz, August 8-9
10. Strasbourg, Paris, August 10-12
11. London, August 13
12. Edinburgh, August 14
13. Glasgow, Liverpool, London, August 15-16
14. Portsmouth, August 17-19
15. Auto tour of Southern England, London-Paris by airplane, August 20-22
16. Paris, Switzerland, Milan, August 23-24
17. Rome, August 25-26
18. Trieste, August 27
19. Belgrade, Szeged, Zsombolya, Arad, August 28-30
20. Bucarest, August 31
21. Predeal, Nazh-Kikinda, Szabdka, Vincovtsi, September 1-2
22. Milan, Italian Front, Trieste, Venice, Udine, Mt. Sabotino, Gorizia, Carso, Treviso, Il Mentello, Mt. Grappa, Vicenza, Mt. Pasubio, Tento, Mt. Vignola, Verona, September 3-7
23. Bordeaux, Caproni Plant at Milan, September 8-9
24. Bordeaux, Nantes, St. Nazaire, September 10-11
25. Paris, Italian Operations, September 12
26. Paris-Luxembourg, September 13-14
27. Metz, Nancy, September 15
28. St. Mihiel, Ft. Vaux, Bar-Le-Duc, Paris, September 16-17
29. Paris, September, 18-19
30. Brest, At sea, September 20-28
31. Washington (Hoboken September 28)
32. Resume of Operations, 1914 to July, 1917
33. America enters the Lists: Theatre of Operations for the A.E.F and Lines of Communication
34. Second Half of 1917: Status of the A.E.F on December 31, 1917; Operations from January, 1918 to July 15, 1918
35. The End of the War: The Battle of St. Mihiel; The Meuse-Argonne

End Notes and Bibliography