Around the World in 40 years, several times over: Steese's several trips to all four corners of the known world.
During his life, Steese traveled the globe extensively. Any given year took him to the far reaches of the earth and every continent except Antarctica. Steese visited Russia and Japan on official business during the 1920's; saw much of French Africa; toured Europe many times; crossed the Australian Outback; and took rail trips high into the Andes Mountains of Peru.

Steese kept very meticulous notes of every place he visited in typical military fashion. He kept meticulous records of ships, travel times, distances crossed, and the mathematical equations of how in any given time period so many hours or days had been spent in a train, plane, ship, riding horseback, traveling by automobile, or on foot.

Below is a sampling of some of Steese's trips around the world. Originally written for and printed in Dickinson Alumnus Magazines, they all contain vivid imagery of the amazing sights Steese beheld on his voyages. In order to maintain the original composition and sense of pride, exploration, and enthusiasm Steese had for his ventures, they are presented in their original entirety.

Alligator Hunt: Panama, 1909

Coasting from Sky to Sea: a trip on the Oryoa Railroad of Peru

The Trans-Australian Railway: based on a trip in 1930

Four Thousand Miles Across Africa: through Africa by Automobile in 1931

Around The World In Five Weeks

End Notes and Bibliography