Hospital Car

Construction of Railway Office

Canal Building

Dining Room

Railway Engine Shops

Railway Enginehouse

Spanish Workers

Italian Workers

President T. Roosevelt at Canal

Steam Shovels caught in flood

Railway Warf

Panamanian Natives

Canal Construction

Canal Lock Construction

Tivoli Hotel

Pacific Dry Docks

Gatun Locks

Panama Railroad Station

La Pita Point Work

Gatun Lake

Gatun Locks Emergency Dam

S.S. Kroonland

H.M.S. Hood

H.M.S. Hood

U.S.S. Idaho

U.S.S. Arizona

U.S.S. Mississippi

Miraflores Purification Plant

Steese in Panama

Steese surveying

Construction on Canal

Steam Shovel in Flood

Digging out the Canal

Construction on Canal

Flooded train station