People and Places of Dickinson

Lovers' Lane 1893
Photograph courstesy of the Dickinson College Archives

Lover's Lane 1998

The subject photograph of a legendary Dickinson walk was most likely taken in 1893 by Charles Francis Himes, an early pioneer in the field of photography.  Lovers' Lane was a tree lined walk parallel to West Street that began at East College.  It can be surmised that the Lane's trail originally began as a pathway from the President's House located originally in East College.  Lovers' Lane's trees were supposed to have reached their scenic peak in the 1930's and in the decade or two following.  In 1998, few of these original trees remain, as the contemporary photograph indicates.

A popular haunt for decades of Dickinsonians, Lovers' Lane seemed to have begun to fade from the forefront of College lore during the years of the First World War.  A study of College calendars indicates this as the years pass.  As the modern scene above shows, the Lane is now long gone.

Karl Holzer

Dickinson College Archives