Series 10, Photograph Albums, is comprised of eight bound photo albums, presumably all compiled by C. F. Himes.  The first two albums contain images reflecting Dickinson College around 1890, and the following three albums contain images of Himes' trip to Europe in 1890.  It can be assumed that Himes took all of the pictures found in these five albums.  (Copies of many of these images can be found among the loose photographs, designated PC 2000.1.) The remaining three albums all appear to contain images that Himes purchased and compiled, rather than photographs he took himself.  The Souvenir Columbian Exposition album serves as a scrapbook for the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago at which Himes lectured.  The two Souvenir Europe albums contain images of popular tourist attractions and artwork found on the European continent.


BOX 26 - MC 2000.1

Folder 01)    Dickinson College. c1890
Folder 02)    Dickinson College. c1890

BOX 27 - MC 2000.1

Folder 01)    European trip. 1890
Folder 02)    European trip. 1890
Folder 03)    Souvenir images of Columbian Exposition, Chicago. 1893

BOX 28 - MC 2000.1

Folder 01)    Souvenir images of Europe. 1890
Folder 02)    Souvenir images of Europe. 1890
Folder 03)    Souvenir images of Europe. 1890