Series 9, Pamphlets (Loose), is comprised of published pamphlets, journal articles, and reprints.  These pamphlets are arranged alphabetically by author or journal title, and then chronologically.  The majority of the articles are by C. F. Himes and deal with local history, photography, and scientific pursuits.  Those pamphlets not authored by Himes deal largely with the same matters.


BOX 25 - MC 2000.1


The Amateur Photographic Print
Folder 01)    No. 1-7. 1863


Anthonyís Photographic Bulletin
Folder 02)    (3 issues, 1 incomplete) 1885


The British Journal of Photography
Folder 03)    (2 incomplete issues) 1892


Fackenthal, Jr., Dr. B. F.
Folder 04)    "Biographical Notice of Prof. Charles Francis Himes" (2c)


Himes, Charles Francis
Folder 05)    "An Account of Illustrated Talks to Noted Indian Chiefs." 1916
                     "Actinism." 1885 (2c)
Folder 06)    "Amateur Photography Among the Alps"
                     "Amateur Photography in its Educational Relations." 1889
Folder 07)    "The American Colleges and the American Public." 1870 (review)
                     "Apparatus Owned and Used by Dr. Joseph Priestley." 1917 (2c)
Folder 08)    "Apparent Radiation and Reflection of Cold." 1883
                     "Bunsenís Flame Reactions." 1868
Folder 09)    "The Burial Place of Colonel Robert Magaw"
                     "Col. Magaw, The Defender of Fort Washington." 1915
Folder 10)    "On the Convergency of the Optic Axes in Binocular Vision." 1862
                     "Decorated Stove Plate." 1903
Folder 11)    "Electrical Discharges Investigated. . ." 1896
                     "Jacob Tome Scientific Building." 1885 (2c)
Folder 12)    "Judge Thomas Cooper." 1908
                     "The Mermaid of Old West." (2c)
Folder 13)    "Mountain Lake Park Summer School of Amateur Photography." 1885
                     "A Much Needed Improvement in the Stereoscope." 1895
Folder 14)    "Note on the Bench of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania." 1910
                     "The Old Carlisle Dancing Assembly." 1917 (2c)
Folder 15)    "Photographic Permanence and the Amateur Photographic Exchange Club." 1902
                     "Photographic Record Work." 1899
Folder 16)    Photography. 1884 (quoted in)
                     "Preparation of Photographic Dry-Plates by Daylight." 1874
Folder 17)    "On the Preservation of the Alkaline Cold Toning Bath." 1862
                     "The Röntgen Rays." 1896 (quoted in)
Folder 18)    "The Scientific Expert in Forensic Procedure. 1893 (2c)
                     "Scientific Theories and Creeds." 1889
Folder 19)    "Size of Drops and the U. S. Dispensatory." 1883
                     "Solar Eclipse of August 7, 1869"
Folder 20)    "Some. . .Observation of the Total Eclipse of the Sun" (2c)
                     "Stereographs for Photo Records"
Folder 21)    "The Stereoscope." 1872
                     "The Stereoscope and its Applications." 1887
Folder 22)    "Stereoscopic Notes." 1882
                     "Tables of Qualitative Chemical Analysis." 1881
Folder 23)    "Treatment of Written Historical Documents for Preservation." 1907
                     "The True John Dickinson." 1912 (2c)
Folder 24)    "Washingtonburg." 1907 (2c)
                     "The White Manís Way"


Instructions for Working the Platinotype Process
Folder 25)    "General Description of the Process"


The Ives' Process
Folder 26)    Instructional booklet (2c)


Monthly Record of Scientific Literature
Folder 27)    Vol. 1, No. 9. 1873


Mountain Lake Park Messenger
Folder 28)    Supplement to April number. 1884


Our Young Folks
Folder 29)    Vol. 6, No. 8. 1870


Folder 30)    (2 issues, 1 incomplete) 1884


Stevens, W. LeConte
Folder 31)    Notes on Physiological Optics. 1882


Vogel, Dr. Hermann
Folder 32)    Photographische Mittheilungen


von Hoffmann, A. W.
Folder 33)    Speech (in German) 1890