Series 4, Journals, is arranged alphabetically into three categories based on authorship (C. F. Himes, Mary M. Himes, and Joseph A. Murray), and then the journals under each author are arranged chronologically.
        The journals of C. F. Himes are the most numerous and include personal diaries, travel logs, and "housekeeping" journals.  Of these, the travel logs appear to be the most thoroughly and faithfully kept, providing detailed information on the many excursions to Europe taken by Himes throughout his life.  The "housekeeping" journals contain information on day-to-day matters, but also include information on the activities of Himes' daughters, Mary and Anna.
        The journals of Mary M. Himes include a recipe book, a school notebook, and a journal of original and copied poetry.  Of particular note, however, is a journal (and its earlier draft) titled "Observations of a Tot Traveler," Mary's personal scrapbook of her trip to Europe with her parents in 1872.  This scrapbook was compiled many years later, only being completed in 1905.
        The journals of Joseph A. Murray, while labeled "Ministerial logbooks," contain a fair amount of information on personal and family matters as well as congregational matters.


BOX 16 - MC 2000.1

Folder 01)    Travel journal. 1857
Folder 02)    Diary. 1863
Folder 03)    Travel journal. 1864
Folder 04)    Travel journal. 1864
Folder 05)    Travel journal. 1865
Folder 06)    Diary. 1866
Folder 07)    Travel journal. 1872
Folder 08)    Diary. 1873
Folder 09)    Housekeeping journal. 1874-1880
Folder 10)    Diary. 1875
Folder 11)    Financial log. 1876

BOX 17 - MC 2000.1

Folder 01)    Housekeeping journal. 1880-1884
Folder 02)    Travel journal. 1882
                     Travel journal. 1883
                     Travel journal. 1883
Folder 03)    Diary. 1905-1908
Folder 04)    Diary. 1909-1911, 1913
Folder 05)    Diary. 1911-1913
Folder 06)    Housekeeping journal / mailing register. 1915
Folder 07)    Diary. 1916
Folder 08)    Diary. 1916-1918

Folder 09)    Notebook of Greek and Latin exercises. c1885
Folder 10)    Poetry notebook. 1887-1889
Folder 11)    "Observations of a Tot Traveler by Sea and Land" (undated draft)

BOX 18 - MC 2000.1

Folder 01)    "Observations of a Tot Traveler by Sea and Land." 1903
Folder 02)    Recipe book

Folder 03)    Ministerial logbook. 1842
Folder 04)    Ministerial logbook. 1866-1868
Folder 05)    Ministerial logbook. 1869
Folder 06)    Ministerial logbook. 1872-1874