Charles Francis Himes 1905

        The information contained in these pages is the result of a collaborative effort at Dickinson College between the Archives and Special Collections and the History Department. The majority of the work for the manuscript register, essays, and genealogical table found here was undertaken by students in the Spring of 2000 during a research practicum entitled “The Archivist and the Researcher: Partners in the Historical Craft,” taught by History Professor John M. Osborne and College Archivist James W. Gerencser (Class of 1993). Primary credit for the refining of these pages belongs to Robert K. Reeves (Class of 2002), who, under the supervision of the College Archivist, spent the Summer of 2000 revising, editing, and preparing for presentation the efforts that students of the practicum had undertaken the previous semester. Thus, these pages were a work-in-progress from the beginning, constantly changing and evolving. To truly appreciate this aspect of the project, you are welcome to visit the original pages designed to facilitate the sharing of information among the students and instructors of the research practicum: 

        Though great care has been taken to avoid the various errors and inconsistencies that tend to occur in first editions (and even second editions, as this work might be considered), certain elements of the biographical essays have intentionally been left untouched. In order to preserve the intellectual integrity of each student’s work, only minor typographical and grammatical errors in the text have been corrected. More broadly, changes were made in terms of design and structure so as to give the series of essays a more consistent feel. Aspects such as these could not adequately be addressed in the time allotted for the class itself. In a few cases, images have been added which were unavailable during the creation of the essay pages. Any page that has undergone significant editing is noted within that page.

        While Robert K. Reeves deserves credit for the immense task of final editing, all ten students of the research practicum deserve credit for their cooperative efforts and individual hard work that went into this project. These ten students are as follows: Andrew J. Averill, Class of 2000; Laura C. Dettloff, Class of 2002; LeAnn J. Fawver, Class of 2000; Carolyn M. Fenton, Class of 2002; Mark O. Fifer, Class of 2000; Christine L. Line, Class of 2001; Maureen D. McIlhaney, Class of 2000; Robert K. Reeves, Class of 2002; Erika E. White, Class of 2001; Regan E. Winn, Class of 2002. 

        We hope that you will enjoy these pages that represent the final outcome of an interesting and challenging collaborative project. We encourage you to share these pages with anyone you feel may be interested in the content or the approach of the project, and we welcome your input. If you have any questions or comments about these pages, please direct them to Jim Gerencser, John Osborne, or Robert Reeves.

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