Women's Basketball 1986
 Photograph courtesy of Dickinson College Archives
This is the official team picture of the 1986 Dickinson Women's Basketball Team, taken in the lobby of the Kline Center, with the women surrounded by the photographs of members of the Dickinson College Sports Hall of Fame.

Shown in this picture are: TOP ROW (right to left):  Christy Anderson (Manager), Katy Blair, Sue Baldwin, Sonia Church, Sarah Yohe, Deidra James, Leslie Billman, Lisa Hulshart. BOTTOM ROW (right to left):  Kim Stockmal, Leann Bergey, Mara Mvros, Michelle Brumley, Delores Giachetti, Tina Plumer, Sheila Borne, Molly Ragette.

The Head Coach of the team was Judy Yorio, assisted by John Hershey.  The student intern coach was Helenanne Seaman, and the co-captains were Michelle Brumley and Delores Giachetti.  Giachetti was named MVP of the team for the 1985-1986 season.  They had a long, hard, but respectable season with a record of 10 wins and 14 loses.  Their results looked like this:

Dickinson   64 Messiah     55
Dickinson   64 West. Maryland 69
Dickinson   53  Gettysburg  68
Dickinson   53  Elizabethtown 82 
Dickinson   53  Lebanon Valley 70
Dickinson   59  Muhlenberg  43
Dickinson   63 Johns Hopkins 48
Dickinson   79 Johns Hopkins 45
Dickinson  43 Rochester 60
Dickinson   45 Moravian 60 
Dickinson    53 Wheaton 49 
Dickinson   66  York College  50
Dickinson   41 F&M   35
Dickinson  49 Gettysburg  65
Dickinson  56  Gettysburg  61 
Dickinson  51 F&M    55 
Dickinson  53 Albright 47
Dickinson  45  Catholic U.  75
Dickinson  54 Wilkes 62 
Dickinson  67  Messiah  56
Dickinson  61 West. Maryland 71
Dickinson  52 Juniata 69
Dickinson  43  Susquehanna 67
Dickinson  54 Lebanon Valley  53
During this time, Dickinson was still playing in the MAC Conference, where the women had been competing since 1976.  It was not until 1993 that the move into the Centennial Conference was made.  All of the teams that are listed above are the teams that made up the MAC, with the exception of Rochester and Wheaton.  Rochester held its Invitational Tournament, in which Dickinson won in the consolation games against Wheaton. 

Dickinson Microcosm, 1986
Judy Yorio, Senior Women's Administrator, Dickinson College, interviewed December 1997
Delores Giachetti, Class of 1987, interviewed December 1997