Women's Soccer 1984 (2)
Photograph courtesy of Dickinson College Archives

This is a photograph shows members of the 1984 Dickinson women's soccer team, and their fans (along with a rather disconsolate cadet waiting to enter the game) reacting to a goal scored by Mel Tratnik.  The game was a 2-0 victory over West Point at the old soccer ground at Biddle Field.  Anne Fitzsimmons, who can be seen in the above shot with the parked car in the distance directly over her right shoulder, also scored in this second game of the season and the win pushed their record to 2-0.  Coach Albert Masland applauds on the extreme right. The team ended up 9-3 in the first year of varsity girls soccer in school history.  As noted elsewhere, before 1984 the women's soccer team had only been a club sport.

The women's soccer team received much moral support.  Many of the men's soccer players came out to encourage them in their first ever varsity season, along with assistant soccer coach John Osborne.  The faculty of the College, in particular, came out in numbers to support the new team.  People such as Grace Jarvis, Neil Wolf (see above on the extreme top left) Beth Bullard, William Bellinger, and Nancy Mellerski were frequent and vocal supporters.

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