Dickinson Football 1972
*photo courtesy of Dickinson College Archives 
This photograph is of three players from the 1972 Dickinson football season, at a home game at Biddle Field late in the season.  From left to right, they are split end Mark Lipstien, one of the better receivers in Dickinson history,  right guard Tom Beck, and fullback Herman Wisdom.

The team had a decent season during the 200th anniversary of football at Dickinson, going 4-4 and winning all three home games.  One of the high points of the season was Mark M. Lipstien's breaking of most of the College's receiving records and winning the MAC receiving crown.  Geral R. Urich rushed for 439 yards on 130 carries with a 3.3 yards per carry average.  Quarterback Jeff J. Trusky went 65-144 passing for 981 yards with six touchdowns and eleven interceptions.

David Wilock

Wilbur J. Gobrecht,  History of Football at Dickinson College 1969-1986  Dickinson College, Carlisle
Microcosm, 1972