Women's Basketball 1941
Photograph courtesy of Dickinson College Archives

 This photograph, taken in 1941, is believed to be of an inter-sorority tournament between the Chi Omegas and the Phi Mus, held on the main floor of the Alumni Gymnasium.  Seen in the picture is Susan Rohrer, a captain, Janet Thornley, Rosalie Milanik, Evelyn Fansler, Mary Jane Day and Alice Abbott.  Chi Omega was one of the oldest sororities on the campus, having been organized from a local sorority in 1907.  Phi Mu was instituted on campus from 1917 to 1967, when it separated from its national over unacceptable interracial policies. This annual basketball tournament provided some of the most interesting events in the women's sports programs during this time.

There had been some attempt to organize early varsity teams in basketball. The first Varsity Women's Basketball Team was in 1924.  It consisted of eight women, namely:

Manager  -  Rose Buckson 
Forwards  -  Mary McDermott, Virginia Watts, and Florence Speck 
Center  -  Sara McDermott 
Side Center  -  Ruth Tietrich 
Guards  -  Margaret Paul, Dolly Wertz, and Rose Buckson 
During the 1925 season, five new women joined the team and six returned.  The captain was Margaret Paul and the manager was Elizabeth Hann.  The team's coach was Ruth M. Walker.  They had a record of 4 victories and 1 defeat.  The record was as follows:
Dickinson    31
Dickinson    42 
Dickinson    41 
Dickinson    20 
Dickinson    30 
Gettysburg                     12
Lebanon Valley              14
Shippensburg Normal    18
Temple                           30 Ursinus                           28 
The Dickinson Women's Basketball Team has only progressed since its first season. The game has changed, as has its acceptance and its organization.  The Dickinson women now compete regularly against other institutions and are now a member of the Centennial Conference, after being part of the MAC between 1976 and 1993.

Jaime Benisatto

Dickinson Microcosm, 1924, 1925, 1941