Dickinson Football 1936 - Faculty Children
Photograph courtesy of Dickinson College Archives - click on photograph for a clearer.larger image.
The twelve young boys in the picture above are children of some of Dickinson's 1936 faculty.  These boys were chosen as the "Mascot Twelve," in order to perform an imaginary scrimmage during a homecoming football game on October 24, 1936.  Their coach was "Peenie" Smith.  These boys are facing the crowd, on Biddle Field, which was situated along Wilson Street.  On this day, Dickinson's football team crushed Swarthmore 55-0.  Three thousand fans showed up to watch the victory.
The "Mascot Twelve" included:

Front row- left to right
 -R.E.  Ralph Schecter
 -R.T.  Hughie Doney
 -R.G.  Johnny Grimm
 -C.      Eddie Hunt
 -L.G.  Charlie Herber
 -L.T.  Phil Rogers
 -L.E.  Roger Schecter
Back row- left to right
- R.H.  Gilman Wing
 -R.H.  Warren Hunt
 -L.H.  Hampton Corson
 -QB.   Connie Kahler
  -F.B.  Art Kahler Jr.

These boys were considered to be the Red Devil mascot team.  Johnny Grimm was noted as being the outstanding player of the imaginary scrimmage.  Some thought them to be the future of the Red Devil varsity team.  Ralph and Roger Schecter played on the ends.  The line was covered by Eddie Hunt, Hampton Corson, Connie Kahler, Gilman Wing, and Hughie Doney.  The kicking, passing and running was dealt with by Johnny Grimm, Phil Rogers, Charlie Herber, Warren Hunt, and Art Kahler Jr.  After the boys' performance, the crowd rallied to have the boys play at Gettysburg.

Leah Soibel

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