Football 1910
Dickinson College vs. The Carlisle Indian School
photograph courtesy of the Dickinson College Archives

This photograph, ultimately used for a Post Card, was taken during the football match played October 5, 1910 at Biddle Field on the Dickinson College campus.  The Dickinson College Red Devils did battle with the Carlisle Indian School's Indians for the first time in five years, only to be embarrassed by a score of 24 to 0.  The bleachers were filled with women supporters from the Carlisle Indian School wearing their customary white uniforms.

During this era it was usual that both teams wear dark, particularly black jerseys, without numbers or names.  The equipment which the athletes wore to protect themselves from injury was defined by what each individual chose.  Pads and helmets were optional.

The Indian Industrial School at Carlisle Barracks was founded in 1879 by Brigadier General R. H. Pratt and closed less than half a century later in 1917.  The school was not a college, rather it was a boarding school which was designed to remove the native American students from their homes and tribal influences, enforce strict military discipline, infuse the Protestant work ethic while emphasizing study of the agricultural, industrial and domestic arts, rather than higher academic study.  The Indian Industrial School was an athletic powerhouse that produced such athletes as the great Jim Thorpe and Frankie Mount Pleasant, who attended Dickinson College (1908-09) and still holds the College long jump record ninety years later.

Dickinson College Football 1910 included the following:
Coaches: Forrest E. Craver (Advisory Coach) and J. Troutman Cougler (Field Coach)
Manager: Howard E. Thompson
Captain: John L. Felton
Team Members: Mervin B. Wise, Victor C. Wise, Victor H. Boell, Charles C. Steel, Harvey O. Gish,  Humphrey, Elbert W. Stafford, Chester C. Halloway, Scott H. Cook, John L. Felton, Joseph Hertzler, Thomas W. McGregor, Thomas B. Miller, Leon Richmond, Carlton R. VanHook, Jacob B. Leidig, Robert A. Garton, Luther E. Bashore, J. Paul Brown, P. Earl West, Francis A. Dunn, Harry G. Mann.

Peter Schoonyoung

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